One Year of Blogging Video

I did not think that I would be able to make my one year of blogging video today, but I did! Look:

It shows my new blog and my old one. And, I am going to start posting about the updates Club Penguin gets every Thursday. That will be next week.


One Year Of Blogging And Video Might Have To Be Tomorrow

I have been blogging for one year! And, this is the post that will say: “UPDATE: the video is now.” I have some news about the video too, but first lets see today’s codes.







Now for the video news. The video might have to be tomorrow. I have a bad nose problem so I might spell some things wrong. Then I would have to make the video again. But hopefully I will be able to make the video.



EPF Will Soon Be Fixed!

As you know the EPF HQ is destroyed. But will be fixed soon! There will be a small update to the room this week, I think it will be on Thursday. And, Club Penguin gave us a sneak peek. Take a look:

The new HQ will have new missions and I think a new look.



Three More Codes and News About One Year of Blogging

Two more days and I will be blogging for one year! And I will be making a video for one year of blogging. But that video news will be a bit more down in the post. Here are today’s codes:

PINKDOJO (I picked this one for the new dojo)



The last two codes are an outfit, but in two codes. Well, now for the video news. If you want to  come and be in the video, I will be on Thursday making the video. The server might be Sleet. I do not know what time the video will be at. But a post will say: “UPDATE. The video is being made now.”


Four Days of Codes!

In four days I will be blogging for a year! Not just on this blog. I started on my old one, so in four days it would be out for a year, but the blog moved. I think that is cool so I am giving away three codes everyday! Here are today’s codes:




Two will get you items and one will get you coins.