How To Get Igloo items On the Wall of Your Igloo

I was on Club Penguin and I found out there is a way to get some igloo items on the wall of your igloo! First, you need to have the some igloo items from this month’s catalog  Now, when you have the items. You need to have a igloo. (Long igloos work best) And now move the items up as high as you can. Here is a pic of me doing the cheat.

The items in the pic works the best. Hope you like the cheat.


You Pick For Igloo Hunt

I am getting ready Igloo Hunt. And this time I am letting you pick. So I picked three penguins and you can vote for your favorite.

What CP Worker Should I Pick For Igloo Hunt?

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Polo Field is a blogger and does videos for CP.

Businesmoose is a blogger like Polo Field. and does videos for CP.

Tour Guide is seen in some videos. and is a worker for CP.

In a week, the penguin with the most votes gets to win Igloo Hunt. Have fun voting!


Igloo Hunt Starts Now

Hi. I think it would be cool if there was an igloo of the month for CP workers and penguins like them. So I came up with Igloo Hunt. It is where I pick CP worker’s igloos, and penguins like that. My first one is Happy77. This penguin is not a worker but she was one. So here is here igloo:


I like this igloo because it has some igloo items that are hard to find. My next Igloo Hunt will be in a week.

Flying Penguins Game Pic

Hi. A couple of days ago I made a post that has my games.  I said that I like making up games and pics for CP. Well I came up with a game named Flying Penguins. And I made a pic. Here.

This is the game on easy. And see the sling shots? That’s why the name of the game is Flying Penguins!



My Game

Hi. For a couple of days I have been coming up with game ideas for CP! So far I have two games. They are Flying Penguins And Snowball Attack. I sent both of my ideas to CP. And after that I made some pics of my games. I have two pics for the same game. Here:

The Snowball Attack home page.

Snowball Attack game set for medium.

Snowball Attack is like lazer tag but with snow balls. And the more games I come up with the more posts there will be!


Club Penguin My Player Cards

Hi. I was on CP and I remembered that some CP works will be come mascots! So I made Polo Field  a mascot player card! Here it is:

And I had a lot of fun making this so I made one for Klutzy. Here:

Like it? I like Polo Field’s card the most.


Club Penguin Card Jitsu Shadow

Hi. You know the the Snow Dojo and Card Jitsu Snow is coming this year! But you might not know that there may be a new game or suit. If the game comes, the name will be Card Jitsu Shadow. Here are some sneak peeks:

In my first pic you can see that Happy77, a worker that quit, is wearing the suit! And my second one shows the card. And my last one is a penguin with the face item 😮 Once I get a reply from my first CP email, I will send this.

Update. I was on CP wiki and saw this:

Update. I was looking to see if there are more hints to Card Jitsu Shadow. And there is! There is a card where your penguin turns into a shadow ninja! Big hint. I do not have this card, but if you want to try to get it, it is in card jitsu water packs and it has to be the 2nd wave. I will keep on looking to see if this card is real. And the game.