One Thing About Club Penguin’s Party

There is one thing I do not like about the dino party. It is that penguins can throw food at your penguin. Like say you are playing with some penguins and another penguin comes and makes you start eating. Like if you are playing Hide and Seek as a T-Rex and the guy that wants to find you is in the room. If a penguin comes and throws food then you cannot run or hide again. So please CP, next time make fake dinos to throw food at.


Card Jitsu Snow Guess and News For Card Jitsu Snow

I have ideas about when Card Jitsu Snow will come out. Remember, this is a guess, so it might not be right. I got the ideas from CP’s hints they gave out. I have three guesses. Here are my guesses. It might come in December this year. My next guess would be in the middle of the year. And my last guess is next month. Next week Club Penguin will give us more news about it on the What’s New Blog!



New Colors?

When I was on Club Penguin, I saw two things that both have to do with new colors! The first one is the color gray. Lots of penguins have been wanting this color. I think that it will come because of the holiday cookies pin. The pin has a gray car on it. Take a look.

If you were at the holiday party 2012, you will know that when you turn into a race car that car will be your color. The next color is like a super light blue. This color was first seen in the Treasure Book. Take a look at the color.

I think this might be a bug, but it might not be.


Lap Top Item Code and New Pin at the Dock

Club Penguin has made the Lap Top item unlockable for Safer Internet Day. The code is STAY SAFE. The code might just be for today, so get it fast. And there is a new pin at the dock. It’s a hammer, but it’s a bit more cavguin style.


How To Walk On Walls Cheat

I found out how to walk on walls. I made my first video showing you how. P.S. A penguin was in my igloo when I was making the video. And that is why some snow balls came and why there is a dino. Here’s the cheat on video:

When you are on the wall you cannot move. I hope you like this new cheat.



Gary Met

Last night I met Gary! I got a pic to!

Getting pics of him is hard. If you did not meet him yet, he comes on tonight at 6:30 PST and the server is Abominable. You might want to get on early. And my clock is not right. So use Club Penguin’s.