Pup2602 News

I have a new video. I have no codes or it would be an unlocking video, so instead it is a funny one. Its called Pup2602 News and this is episode 1. I will make more. Here is the video:

The next video will be for the Marvel Super Hero Take Over.


Do You Know Whats Coming? and This is my 100 Post!

I am leaving on a trip soon, but after that the blog will get videos every three weeks! Here is a sneak peek of the videos:

Do you know what I am up to? Also, if you have an idea for a video, you can tell me in the comments. And, this is my 100 post!


New Video – You Pick

I was going to make a new video but I do not know which one you like better. So I made a poll. I also made a pick for fun. Here is the pic I made:

I have three video ideas but I will make only one. You get to pick the video that will come! Here is the poll:

Which Video Idea Do You Want To Come?

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I will be leaving soon, on April 3, and will be out for about two weeks. When I get back I will see which one has the most votes. And, to give it a better chance of getting picked you can leave a comment saying which one you picked.



One Last Video

I am almost done with the new page. I need two make one more video and then the page will be up. But the video is the funny one and it is hard to make. I do have an idea but the thing is I don’t know if it will make sense. And, I made a pic for fun. Take a look:

If I am lucky the new page will be up by tomorrow!



Will The New Page Come Before The Puffle Party?

I am working on making the videos for the new page and I got one done! And, I have two rainbow workers.

I hope the puffles finish soon. My next video will be a funny one on how to get coins. If I can make those videos, then the page can go up.


New Page Coming Soon

I have a contest page on my blog but it is not doing good, so it will be replaced with my shorts. Like Why Penguin Do Not Fly, Pup Style and more. But first I want to make more videos. So that page is down right now. And, for fun I made this pic:

It should be done by the Puffle Party.