Blog Goal

The blog still has a long way to go until I hit my goal of 10,000 views. If I can hit that this year I will do something a bit fun and cool to help find mascots and Club Penguin workers. It would be like a tracking team. If I can do that this year I will do that. And, if you think it sounds fun to help, you can go to the blog every day.


How To Get Mascots In Your Igloo

Before I tell you the cheat, I want to tell you that Pup1one was the one who found this cheat. To do this cheat, first you go to your igloo and open a mascot(s) player card. Leave it open and go to a different igloo (You have to be the maker of the igloo) and you’ve got a mascot in your igloo. This is a pic of me doing the cheat:

You can do this to Club Penguin workers to! And, thanks again, Pup1one.