Pup2602’s Rainbow Puffle

Today I got the Rainbow Puffle! I also got all of the Puffle Care Quest items. Take a look:

I named the puffle Rainbow. I think you know why. And, if you go to the Puffle Play Zone, pick a Rainbow Puffle and your played card will look like this:

If you dance when you are a rainbow puffle, you can make a rainbow cloud.

If you put on all the items you got all the items from the Puffle Care Quest, you can do this cool dance.

If you get a Rainbow Puffle, try to keep it because you need to wait four days to get a new one. P.S. Penguins do not like hair cuts.



Paint By Letters My Puffle Book Coming Back?

I found something about the Paint By Letters book, My Puffle. If you do not know what I am talking about, in June at the Super Hero Party, all of the Paint By Letters went away. But, it looks like My Puffle (One of the Paint By Letters) book is coming back. I looked at a SWF of the book and it looks different. Here is the old cover:

Here is the new cover:

And it was a Blue Puffle every time, now it is a Brown Puffle. Here is a pic:

P.S. The penguin is Dark Black, but that is because it is a SWF. So if it will not come back then why did Club Penguin get a new cover for it? If you have more news about the book coming back that I missed you can say so in the comments and I will put that up and give you credit.



Puffle Hotel Will Stay!

I found out something really cool. The Puffle Hotel will stay! It was confirmed by Loustik005, a worker for Club Penguin. Here is the pic:

I was happy I found a pic in English because he is not English. I am guessing the the Puffle Hotel will be the only place to buy the Rainbow Puffle.