News for the Blog

Well, this month I did not get to do that many posts because everything was crazy. But, next month should be fine, so I am going to try to have some events to make up for there not having been that many posts. Also, some of you guys have been asking for custom player cards. I will be doing some of those too! I will post some more news about this tomorrow.


New Puffle Coming New Month!

Polo Field posted a sneak peek of a new puffle coming next month. Here is the sneak peek:

I have seen pics of golden puffles doing the same pose as the puffle in the sneak peek.


Jet Pack Boost Coming to the My Penguin App

There is a new post on the Club Penguin blog. It has a sneak peek of the new My Penguin app game “Jet Pack Boost.” Here is the sneak peek Polo Field posted:

It looks like an awesome game. I hope it comes out for Android soon.


New Super Hero Costumes!

WARNING – If you don’t want to know what a lot of new costumes look like, don’t read this post. -Pup2602

Club Penguin has a new log off screen for the Marvel Super Hero Takeover! This might be all of the super costumes you will get at the party. Here is a pic:

Soon I will have all the Iron Man costumes!



Updates Tomorrow!

Tomorrow Club Penguin updates! Here is a list of updates:

  1. New stage play
  2. Operation Hot Sauce (the new EPF mission)
  3. New EPF phone
  4. Penguin Style (I think it will be one for super hero’s like last year)
  5. New Spy phone message (I do not know if the new spy phone will have messages)

Here are the sneak peeks for the new EPF:

Images Blog EPF Sketches small2

New Mission Preview

EPFSneak 0-1363282549

SecretEntrance 0-1363965334

Cove pizza


I am a bit surprised that they will do the updates on Friday.