Happy 9th Anniversary Club Penguin (Plus Where to Get the Party Hat)

CP 9th

Happy 9th Anniversary Club Penguin! Today marks 9 years since Club Penguin started. In honor of the celebration, take your penguin over to the COFFEE SHOP and grab your special part hat. Click on it and it will be added to your inventory.

Waddle on penguin peeps!

Party Rumors: Frozen Takeover

Right now on CP and Cp’s Wikis and blogs I am hearing a lot of stuff about a Frozen Takeover. That’s right a Frozen Takeover it might or might not come I don’t know yet. But, I am not a big fan on the idea I don’t like the movie (I don’t like a lot of movies) so I just don’t think it sounds like a good idea. Plus I also don’t think CP can make it with all of the haters. A lot of us know what happened when CP tried a Star Wars party. Do you guys think this party should happen? I made a poll so you guys can vote.

Rumors about a Frozen Takeover are going on right now! do you think should this party should be made?

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Also, all the items CP would make that months items would be for the party. Right, now if you ask CP about the party I am seeing a yes a no so we don’t know if this is going to happen or not so emailing CP right now might not give you the answer that is right. Also please if are not a big fan on the idea vote on the poll. You can leave a comment to but please no hate mail.