Server Hack Warning!!!

Update: I think he was ban. But, if you see something happen to a server like odd postcards send’t out getting ban as soon as you log in that kind of stuff please tell me.

This is more of a warning then a real server hack. This is a live post just so you know. I found a penguin named: Lolnok Cp1. He is a fake beta and a new user! Penguins with the name Lolnok and a other Lolnok (I can’t remember his name) hacked the server Blizzard. I think this is the same guy and I think he is getting ready for a new hack! Any thing can happen to a server until he is ban! I would stay off of the servers in this list:

  • Blizzard. (His first server hack was there)
  • Sleet. (That’s where I found him)
  • Zipline. (Zipline is the next biggest server the first is blizzard)

If someone see a penguin with the word Lolnok in is name please tell me.


New Room Found!

For the updated post click here.

This might be the biggest thing that I’ve found for this blog. I found a new room! I tried to get an old party room to show up, but instead I found a new room! Here it is:

newroom1Cool, right? But, there’s more. If you look to the right you see a cave in shape of a puffle. I looked at that, and think it’s the puffle cave from Operation Puffle!


And, there also is a shadow with a penguin and a puffle.


This room is most likely still in testing because if you throw a snowball, it will thow more even if you stop. Now, if you want me to post how to get there, leave a comment! I am still looking for more odd stuff, like why it is more white – almost foggy. Don’t forget, if you want me to post how to get there, leave a comment.


I looked at old Club Penguin Times and one said: A mysterious mist covers the wilds.