My Penguin App is Turning In To Club Penguin!!!

Polo Field made a post saying that the My Penguin app is going to get Club Penguin Rooms. Here are some sneak peeks:




The first four rooms will come out next month, then more and more. And, when all the rooms come out, My Penguin will get a new name – Club Penguin!


Club Penguin Updates Tomorrow

Club Penguin updates tomorrow. Here is a list of the updates that will come:

  • New Penguin Style.
  • New pin.
  • New EPF message.
  • My Penguin app will get new items.

Also the My Penguin app may get two items only for the app.


My Penguin App

I got an Ipad Mini a day or two ago and the first thing I did with it was get the My Penguin app.The update they did is awesome! There is a new home screen.

The games on it are super cool. I really like Sushi Drop. You play the game, and the more sushi you get, the more you can play the game – and you can get items on it!

On Puffle Rescue your score is the coins you get. The game Jet Pack Boost is awesome. There are bosses like Herbert and the Protobot 10000.

You can also go to igloos and your penguin will be in 3D! And some of the dance moves changed for the app.

It is the coolest app ever. I also made my background have 3D penguins on it. And there are more games you can play like Ice Fishing and Card Jitsu Snow.

And all items work in 3D, but for new unlocked items it might take some time for them to work in 3D.


My Penguin App Updates Tomorrow

I know a lot about the app, but please say if I am missing an update in this list of updates for the My Penguin app:

  • Igloo editing.
  • Jet Pack Boost.
  • Bean Counters will be added to the app.

This is the first “My Penguin app updates tomorrow” post. Also on the list, igloo editing will also come with 3D penguins.


My Penguin App Coming Out for Phones Soon

On my old blog I posted pics of a card jitsu app. I looked at the pics today and I saw that on the pic of the main menu it said My Penguin. Here is the pic:

It might mean the My Penguin app. And, it is on a phone – so if the “My Penguin” means the app then the My Penguin app might come out for phones soon.