Card Jitsu Snow Bug

There is a bug with Card Jitsu Snow. When you scroll over Tuck’s Cave the Challenge Tusk sight will show up on the path to the bridge. Here is a pic:

Also the blog is almost to 10000 views!


Sensei’s Blurry

I was in the Fire Dojo and I realized that Sensei was blurry. I went to the Water Dojo and that Sensei was blurry to! Here is a pic of the two Senseis:

The New Sensei in the Dojo looks like this:

I think when Club Penguin updated Sensei it gave the other Senseis a bug.


Is Tusk a Shadow Ninja?

I was looking at the Card Jitsu Saga you get by playing Card Jitsu Snow. And, the last video you get shows that you beat Tusk – but I realized that he turned into a shadow when he escaped! Take a look:

If Card Jitsu Shadow is real I think the story will continue.



Card Jitsu Snow Stamp Party

Update: I left the server, thanks for coming!

Update: The party is starting now. Meet me at the Snow Dojo then lets get some stamps!

Update: This post is now for the second party!

Time: 5:00 AM Club Penguin Time

Day: Monday

Server: Brumby

How long the party is: It should be about 2 hours

Hope you can come!



Card Jitsu Snow Tips and Cheats

Card Jitsu Snow came out and I wanted to post cheats and tips for it. So in this post I will tell you tips for beating Sly, Scrap, Tank, and Tusk and tips for Water Ninjas, Fire Ninjas, and Snow ninjas. The cheats are in a list so you can find them easier.


  • Play as all ninjas once when you are new at the game so you can find out which one you are best at.
  • The Water Ninja can take more hits then the Snow and Fire Ninjas.
  • The Snow Ninja has long range but the attacks don’t do as much damage.
  • When the Fire Ninja uses a power card on Sly, Scrap, Tank, or Tusk they skip their turn.

Sly, Tank, and Scrap

  • Sly’s attacks do more damage from far away then up close.
  • One Snow Ninja can take down two Tanks.
  • The easiest way two beat Sly is as a water ninja.
  • Scrap attacks the ninja closest to him.
  • Scrap also attacks the weakest ninja.


  • When he shoots ice icicles he has enough to attack two lanes of the board.
  • The two safest spots on the board are under him and over him, like this: 
  • Sensei will help out with a power card every three turns.
  • Sensei has a pattern for power cards, it is: Fire, Water, Snow.
  • When he makes a wave of ice, if you are behind someone it will do less damage to you.
  • When you lose with other users, try to get in the middle and then when Sensei uses a snow power card it will heal you.

Hope this helped.


Card Jitsu Snow Special Dances

Club Penguin released Card Jitsu Snow a couple of days ago. I got all of the items for it so I made a video showing all of the special dances that you can do with some of the items in Card Jitsu Snow. Here is the video:

That video showed all of the special dances you can do with the items you get in Card Jitsu Snow.


Card Jitsu Shadow is Real!

Some penguins say that Card Jitsu Shadow is fake, but it is not. Card Jitsu Shadow is really Card Jitsu. You get the Shadow ninja item after the you get the snow gem. I will update this post with a pic soon. And I was not posting that much because everyone was talking about the My Penguin app that I cannot get because I have Android, not iOS.


Polo and Daffo’s Card-Jitsu Snow Quest – Episodes 1 and 2

Club Penguin is doing a small Youtube TV show for the Card Jitsu Party. They already made parts one and two, so instead of copying and pasting two videos, I recorded the two and made it one video. Here is the video:

The party starts on Thursday.


Card Jitsu Snow Sneak Peek Video!

Club Penguin made a new video, it’s a sneak peek for Card Jitsu Snow. I cannot copy and paste it, so I recorded it myself. Here is the video:

Card Jitsu Snow comes in two weeks.