Ask A Club Penguin Intern

Update: Here are some answers to the questions:

Riyita: “What are you going to school for?”

I am going to school for my Bachelor of Business Degree, focusing on Branding and Entrepreneurship. Fun fact: Up until right before I applied for my internship with Club Penguin, I was originally set on being an Accountant. I realized after a few accounting courses that it was not my passion, so I quickly changed paths.
Goldblue1: “How did you sign up to be an intern?”
Signing up to be an intern is much like applying for any other job. I sent in my resume through my University and went through the same interview process other team members do. Although an internship isn’t mandatory for some Universities and Colleges, it’s extremely helpful when figuring out what you want to do for a career.
Semper5010: “What department do you work for?”
I work with the Community team, so I get to work in an office with Polo Field and Ninja! Community isn’t the only team in Club Penguin that offers internship positions, either. Teams such as: Project Management, Programming, and Art sometimes offer internships as well.
Xela424: “What’s your favorite thing about working at Club Penguin?”
It’s hard to choose just one thing, so I’ll give you a few! My favorite things about working at Club Penguin are the opportunities available to enhance your learning, as well as the amazing people you get to work and interact with. I work with some incredibly talented people that never cease to amaze me. I also never thought how much interacting with you guys could be so rewarding! Being in contact with the community on a daily basis is what makes this job worthwhile. I have seen what many of you are capable of and what you are striving for — it absolutely blows me away.
Surgex10: “How long do interns stay at Club Penguin for?”
Interns usually stay a minimum of 4 months but some can get extended longer.
Trainman1405: “Do you think you’ll return to Club Penguin in the future for a full time job and not just an internship?”
I would love to if I had the chance! I’m extremely thankful for the opportunity to work with a company that promotes values that align so close with my own. I only have one year left towards my degree, so we’ll see how it goes!

Polo Field made a blog post where you can ask a Club Penguin intern! A penguin named Megg will answer the questions.

Go to the Club Penguin page for more about it.


New Club Penguin Blog Post: Update – October Furniture and Penguin Style Catalogs

Polo Field made a post about the updates that will come tomorrow. He posted this pic:

There will also be a spooky party pack and nonmembers can get it too! He also said there  will be a jack o’ lantern that gives out candy to trick-or-treaters!


New Club Penguin Blog Post: Medieval Party – Don’t Miss This!

Polo Field made a post on the Club Penguin Blog. He posted a list of things to do at the Medieval Party. Here is the list that Polo Field posted:

  • Help Gary the Gadget Guy by mixing the potions in the Book of Potions.
  • Visit all the party rooms to receive the Explorer Stamp.
  • Meet Gary.
  • Challenge a friend to a jousting match.
  • Visit the Wizard Academy and take a class in potion concoction.

The links will take you to Club Penguin pages.


New Club Penguin Blog Post: Blog Brainstorm New Horizons Part 2

Polo Field made a post on the Club Penguin Blog. It is about the video New Horizons Part 2. They also posted this pic:

They want to know what videos you would like to see.


New Club Penguin Blog Post

Polo Field made a post on the Club Penguin blog. It is a Reviewed By You. They are asking what you most look forward to in school and why? They also posted this pic:

I think they may have asked this earlier this year.


Medieval Party Sneak Peek

There is a post on the Club Penguin blog with a sneak peek of the Medieval Party. Here is the sneak peek that they posted:

The first one looks like a statue, the next one looks like an eye and the last one looks like a green snowball.