Post Week Starts Now

Post Week starts now! It ends next Thursday and I have goals to hit. If we hit them, free codes! And, at the end of post week there will be a free membership code. So, for day one updates, I am doing a lot more hunting than normal for updates and bugs.


EPF Post Week Coming Soon

If you want to know why I have not been posting, it’s because I’ve been finding cheats for a new EPF Post Week. So I am trying to find some puffle cheats, Herbert cheats, and EPF cheats. Right now I have not picked a time to post it, because I need to go back to that doctor on November 8. So I have three times that I might post it:

November 1-7

November 9-16

November 17-24

It is most likely going to be the middle one.


Post Week Ending To Day

I am ending Post Week today because I ran out of stuff to post. But if you were here for Post Week, please vote on this poll:

What Was Your Favorite Part of Post Week?

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Also, Post Week did help. Now, I get lots of views every day!


Post Week!

The blog gets lots of views when I make lots of posts, so starting tomorrow I am having a post week! I will be making videos, pics, comics, and a lot of posts. I think by tomorrow I will have 3,000 views so I will try to get 1,000 more! So, starting tomorrow there will be lots of posts. If this goes good I will do them more! And, I will need some help, so I will be looking at blogs. Also, soon I will have a new video program so I can make videos with lightning and cool effects.