New Post Week Soon

Post Week is starting on Thursday. And, I will be getting in a one week membership code that week! So, the last day will be codes. And I’m going to give codes away on the last day. I don’t know if the code will show up on time, but if it doesn’t I will still give it away.


New Post Week Coming Next Month

Post Week is one of the things that this blog does. But, because next month is the first post week there are going to be goals for views and at the end there will be codes if we hit the goals. Here are the goals:




This is going to be added to the side of the blog later today. So Post Week will start some time next month.


Recycling Planet Might Stay!

Club penguin updates tomorrow and a lot of users have been saying goodbye to Recycling Planet. So I looked at the pic of the new school and it looks like there is another door! Here is a pic:

It also has a green roof like the Recycling Planet does.