Whats New For Club Penguin This Summer?

Spike Hike made a new blog post on Club Penguin’s blog and this time it’s for summer! They posted this pic:

Also Spike Hike tweeted that there are lots of hints in their post! So here is their post:

Hello Penguins!

I hope everyone is as excited about Card-Jitsu Snow and the Card-Jitsu Party as I am!

I want to let you all know that it’s the kick-off of an AMAZING summer we have planned!

The team has some HUGE surprises for you! We have not one…. Not two… But THREE ALL-NEW parties over the next three months!! We will take you to new places… new worlds… even new dimensions no penguin has ever seen!!

And thanks again to everyone who helped make “My Penguin” a top iPad app around the world! We have even more planned for it, too!! I’m sworn to secrecy, but let me say that we will refuel a classic Club Penguin game… And we will bring even more to mobile that will make you feel right at home.

Stay tuned for more updates here on the blog!

Until then… Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

And, Spike Hike gave out a hint – it is: What game in Club Penguin uses fuel? That game would be Jet Pack Adventure.



Spike Hike Is Not getting Rid of Parties

Today, I realized that sometimes when Club Penguin does not get a party or has to many bugs I see lots of penguins getting mad at Spike Hike. Also, I was at Club Penguin Memories, and I saw a new post about Polo Field and the first comment was someone saying “I bet this is all Spike Hike’s fault.” Here is a link to the post I am talking about: polo field. Also, when they got rid of the April Fools Party, they where mad at Spike Hike and that might not have been Spike Hike. It could be anyone. And, I saw some mean pics on Club Penguin Wiki calling Spike Hike the April fools killer!!! My point its that you cannot get mad at the first penguin who says its not coming out. You cannot start being mean to them when you don’t even know if they wanted to get rid of the party. And, they did make up for it right? The Rainbow Puffle, 3 new rooms, the Marvel Super Hero Take Over, and the new EPF. Also how bout you send what you want to see – they might make it.