Walk Two Puffles at The Same Time

There is a bug that lets you walk two puffles at the same time. First put on any puffle, now open your player card and pick Flare. Here is a pic of the bug:

It lets you walk two puffles because they updated so you can have a hand item and a puffle.


Sensei’s Blurry

I was in the Fire Dojo and I realized that Sensei was blurry. I went to the Water Dojo and that Sensei was blurry to! Here is a pic of the two Senseis:

The New Sensei in the Dojo looks like this:

I think when Club Penguin updated Sensei it gave the other Senseis a bug.


I Need To Restart My Puffle Care Quest – What To Do

I found a bug that makes you restart the Puffle Care Quest. Not a lot of penguins know what to do, but I do and it is easy. You need to go to a new server. The more parts you do the more it will happen, so do not click “Go There.” Instead of doing that, go to a new server. You might need to do it two times.